Knowledge Management (KM) is the capability to bring into the organization external nuggets of information from structured, unstructured and Social Media sources and to merge that with internal data.

The KM Track includes “build it yourself” KM solutions or purchase our engine, Knowledge Management Facilitator (KMF):

  • Knowledge Management Awareness & Assessment
  • Knowledge Management Facilitator (KMF) Implementation
  • Knowledge Management Portals

Knowledge Management Awareness & Assessment

We offer a one-to-two-day assessment of your Knowledge Management needs, including meetings and seminars with Senior Management, Middle Management, Clinical Research, Marketing Research, Supply Chain and Financial Groups to uncover KM needs for internal, external, structured, unstructured and Social Media information to be brought into the corporation.

Knowledge Management Facilitator (KMF) Implementation

Knowledge Management Facilitator is a customizable, multi-patented (6 US patents and counting), wizard-driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that integrates, processes and formats data from a virtually unlimited number of electronic sources, both internal and external, with zero coding or IT involvement.

We employ SDLC Methodology & typically follow the Waterfall Method in: Developing the Strategy, Defining Application Requirements and Architecture, Establishing Information Sources, Developing Use Cases and Solutions, Installing KMF, and Developing the KMF Applications.

KMF is the brainchild of, Inc., a pioneer in leading edge Artificial Intelligence platform. Rembrandt markets, sells and integrates KMF into sophisticated applications that require the power and facility of the technology.

Knowledge Management Portals

We are skilled in Portal analysis, design and implementation. The portal will provide management and various users password-protected access to the levels of knowledge that they need respectively to perform their daily roles.

We build data-driven portals for numerous industrial sectors including: the Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Banking, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Retail and Technology Services Industries Most often we build portals in front of the EDW, Data Marts and Knowledge Management Facilitator.

Portals that we have built include:


  • Content Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Collaboration Software
  • Business Process Management Systems
  • CRM Systems, Intranets
  • Employee Portals, among others.