Most Simple View: Metadata is information about data.

More Complex View: Metadata is universally stored data about data that provides a map of all enterprise data objects, including their interrelationships and their relationships to the applications, databases, and file systems in which they are used.

Metadata provides a road map of all the data in the warehouse and enables effective administration, change control, and distribution of the data supporting the warehouse components.

Metadata information can include business rules, data access rights, data sources, summarization and aggregation levels, data aliases, data transformation rules, technical configurations and much more.


Metadata Awareness

We provide a three-day seminar to train Management and IT Technical Staff on the value of collecting and managing metadata in the enterprise, focusing on Business Metadata and Technical Metadata and the linkages to Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Knowledge Management and Big Data. Metadata is the glue that ties all the applications together.

Metadata Collection and Strategy for EDW, Knowledge Management and Big Data

Our project to develop the Metadata Strategy. define all the metadata types and sources in the Enterprise, and develop an architecture and strategy to keep metadata updated and active for systems development in EDW, Knowledge Management and Big Data.

Metadata Repository Implementation

We implement a metadata repository if the Metadata Repository option is selected for the Enterprise. Options include “build it by hand” or purchase a repository from a vendor like Computer Associates. Deliverables include developing the requirements for the repository, searching for a “best vendor” selection, building the repository, loading the repository with source system metadata, go-live, training and maintenance of the repository.

Data Dictionary Implementation

A Data Dictionary, or “metadata repository” is a centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage and format. We provide custom methodology and project planning in accordance with The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) to construct Data Dictionary. We are experienced in building these solutions in the Fortune 100 space.

Metadata Three Day Training

Our seminar for technical staff, business management and Senior Management regarding the value of collecting and managing metadata on an Enterprise level. Various options, solutions and strategies are discussed. This can be used as a catalyst to the metadata repository implementation.