Knowledge Management Facilitator (KMF) is a customizable, multi-patented, wizard-driven, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that replicates and improves on human knowledge work (4 US patents in Artificial Intelligence, and counting).

The technology is implemented by, and is the brainchild of, Business Alliance Partner,, Inc., a leading edge visionary of AI based solutions and services.

The technology “learns” to discover, correlate, conclude, update, and publish in real time data across enterprise systems, websites, Social Media, search engines, portals, blogs, mainframes, emails, Excel, Word, PDFs, proprietary and public databases – and more. It automatically applies the preferred rules, conditions, updates and alerts used during its “learning” mode.

KMF Services Include:

KMF Readiness Assessment: One day onsite workshop to explain KMF functionality, to develop Use Cases based on the needs in your company and to start to develop an ROI proposal.

KMF Implementation: Phase I is a paid prototype developed by Rembrandt. The application can be run on a KMF server and ultimately be transitioned to the client server. Phase II is the enhanced application.

KMF Training: 2-week detailed program for those clients who wish to develop multiple applications themselves in-house.

Applications based on the platform have been deployed worldwide for more than 8 years across diverse platforms and industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Information Services, Retail, Government, Military . . . and more, creating dramatic improvement in all functional areas, including Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Clinical Research, Marketing and Sales, and beyond.

Significant Capabilities & Benefits

There is no equal for transforming electronic tasks that are repetitive, time consuming, expensive and error-prone to fast, accurate and productive processes. Like a team of trained professionals KMF enables sophisticated new applications that perform the work automatically – faster, more economically, more accurately, beyond current limitations, without having to change existing systems.

No Programming: Since KMF is wizard driven, it does not require traditional programming, process modifications, or changes to existing systems in order to gain access to data. It is the only no code, no change, self-programming approach that preserves investment in enterprise data access, and combines.

Dramatic Reduction in Cost & Increase in Speed & Productivity: The technology drastically reduces costs and increases speed and productivity, greatly improves results and frees up staff for higher-value activities. It puts you well on the way to building and deploying high impact, automated systems that enable you to respond faster to the needs of your business without sacrificing control and quality.

Globally Deployed: KMF is widely deployed throughout the US and globally. Customers include Pharmaceutical: Novartis, Pfizer, Schering Plough, J&J, Consumer Goods: Proctor & Gamble, J&J; Automotive: Toyota; Information Firms: D&B, Banking, Brokerage (Fraud, Insider Trading; Investment Banks (Fraud, Insider Trading); Retails; Cancer Research Hospitals; the US Government and the Military (Army and Navy SEALS).

Select Use Cases:

Global Supply Chain Management: Major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturer uses KMF to search various databases to determine tariffs and compute complex tariff calculations. This is a new requirement per Home Land Security, the CIA and FBI for determining terrorist groups purchasing products to be used for destructive uses.

Insider Trading: KMF is being used by Major Brokerage Firms to police against insider trading. A and B know each other from younger days, maybe college. A purchases large volumes of stock for B based on B’s inside knowledge of an event inside his company. KMF searches the inside brokerage trading databases for specific rules, matches those rules to social media sites that determine A and B know each other and flags that event for police action per the new guidelines of the SEC. This is an example of highly complex internal and social media search of multiple sites, Human Intelligence programing inside KMF and alerting appropriate personnel inside the trading firm and the SEC of trading violations per SEC statutes.

Clinical Research: Multiple Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) in Phases I through IV, use KMF to search multiple paid sources such as Quintiles, and unpaid sites, including and as well.

Market Research, Predictive & Semantic Analytics: Pharmaceutical Consumer Goods (CHC) uses complex multiple search, discover and reporting capabilities of KMF.

Pharmaceutical Market Research: KMF can accurately search internal paid sources such as IMS, NDC, Nielsen, IRI, OTC and Social Media sites to support sales teams, report to the FDA, and determine new drug indications. See Graphic below Illustrating Market Research Use Case.

Additional Use Cases Include: Investigative Research, Competitive Analysis, Strategic Planning-Marketing, Predictive Analytics, Real-Time Dashboards, Web-Mining/Sentiment Tracking, Customer Trending, Market Segment Analysis, and many others (see below).

The table below is a sampling of additional Use Cases our clients are performing with KMF:

Investigative Research Real-time Dashboards Web Mining
Sentiment Tracking Emergency Response Crisis Management
Work-flow Management Competitive analysis Product Mix Analytics
Customer Trending Strategic Planning-Marketing Logistics
Supply Chain S&OP Analytics Event Monitoring –Alerts Secondary Market Research
Market Segment Analytics Clinical Research Clinical Recruitment-Enrollment
PreClinical Research GAP Analysis Cluster Sampling-Analytics
Insider Trading Predictive Analytics Fraud Detection